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Too late for Biden's help on Thanksgiving gas prices

Though his oil price approach is working despite inaction

AAA projects highest Thanksgiving travel volume since 2005

Just you and 49 million of your fellow Americans, out on the road

Tips & Tricks to Beat Thanksgiving Traffic

It may be impossible to completely avoid Thanksgiving traffic, but there are a few ways to minimize the frustration.1. Avoid driving at the worst traffic times- According to Waze, the heaviest traffic will be today (Tuesday) from

Thanksgiving Travel Tips

 As Thanksgiving approaches, friends and families are finalizing their travel plans for the big day. Driving during the holidays is hectic, crowded, and also dangerous because there are so many additional cars on the road. To help combat th

Study: It's actually safer to drive on holidays

We may have one less excuse not to visit the in-laws this holiday season. According to the National Motorists Association and State Farm, driving on the holidays may actually be safer than jumping behind the wheel on a normal day. The insurance agency recently took a look