In 2010, Porsche and Audi were both understood to be vying for the chance to provide future sports car platforms for the entire Volkswagen Group. Not to take anything away from Audi, but few would be surprised to learn that Porsche was chosen for the task.

It seems that Porsche had plans for the platform as early as March of 2011, considering it might underpin a Ferrari 458 competitor that would slot in between its own 911 and 918 Spyder. If such a car is made, what it is based on now seems to be a matter of timing: if Porsche produces its new model soon, a report in Autocar says VW wants it built on the next-generation R8 chassis that will also support the coming Lamborghini Gallardo. The overlords apparently feel that the aluminum and carbon fiber structure will be good enough for Porsche's light heavyweight challenger.

That might not be good enough for Porsche – at least according to Autocar, which suggests that Porsche might wait all the way until 2020 to produce its rumored supercar. By then, all of the group's sports cars will be on Porsche-designed platforms, so the Stuttgart firm won't need to accept one from across the aisle.

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