Porsche hints at new mid-engine supercar between 911 and 918

It's not official – yet – but Car and Driver caught Porsche executives discussing a new addition to the lineup. Rumor has it that the German automaker is looking to add a mid-engined supercar to the family, slotting above the 911 range, but below the upcoming 918. This new model will be Porsche's answer to the Ferrari 458 Italia.

Early estimates on the price tag? Somewhere in the neighborhood of €400,000 – about $568,000 based on current exchange rates (yikes!). Car and Driver speculates that this exotic supercar will utilize a powerplant that produces over 600 horsepower, which should help push 0-60-mile-per-hour times into the three-second range, while top speed could hover as high as 220 mph.

This move should help keep Porsche purists happy, with the knowledge that a high-performance coupe will join a lineup of vehicles they're entirely in love with. Still, those vehicles (read: Panamera and Cayenne) supply the cash to build super sports cars. You can't have the sweet without the sour... and in this case, the sour is actually pretty sweet, too.

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