Land Rover, Jaguar each gunning for 50,000 sales per year in America

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Land Rover and Jaguar aren't exactly setting the sales charts ablaze these days, but the North American President of the British makes is bullish about the future. Automotive News reports that Andy Goss, Jaguar Land Rover North America's new boss claims that Land Rover could hit 50,000 sales by 2012, while Jaguar could crest the 50k mark in annual U.S. sales within the next few years.

The key to growth at Land Rover and Jaguar in a mature market will obviously be new product, and Tata Motors' luxury utility brand is a lot closer to making its mark. Land Rover sold 31,864 units in 2010, and the make is already past 20,000 vehicles sold through July of 2011. Add the compact and stylish Evoque in 2012, and Goss feels the 50,000 mark is well within the brand's reach.

Hitting U.S. sales of 50,000 units could be quite a bit trickier for Jaguar, as the Leaping Cat only moved 13,340 units in 2011. Goss again feels fresh product will help move more metal, with a sports car and BMW 3 Series-fighting sedan are at the top of the list. Another, smaller engine to compliment the excellent but somewhat thirsty 5.0-liter V8 could be on order, though such a powerplant could could take a few years to arrive Stateside.

What may not arrive is the small crossover we're sure many Jaguar dealers are hoping for, but Goss and company have plans for their retail stores anyway. Goss tells AN that dealers will likely be asked to revamp their facilities, though corporate has yet to bring up any changes to the Jaguar dealer council.

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