Report: Austin police looking to stockpile Crown Vics ahead of model's phase-out

The age of the Ford Crown Victoria cop car is almost at an end, but law enforcement in Austin, Texas wants one more crack at the old standby. Actually, the police are asking city council for $4.5 million to buy 176 Police Interceptor squad cars at an average price of $25,568.

Why the mad rush to buy 176 vehicles when all the new cop cars are on the way? Police officials tell the Austin Statesman that the department already has parts like computer mounts and light bars that fit on the Crown Vic, and a new model would call for a fresh batch of parts. Further, automakers haven't yet set official prices for the new models, and new models like the Taurus-based 2012 Police Interceptor and Chevrolet Caprice haven't been extensively tested in the streets. And the department has already determined that the Dodge Charger isn't the answer, saying that the back seat is too cramped for passengers and the trunk too small for computer equipment.

Assistant Police Chief Sean Mannix says that the department typically buys vehicles every year, but this allotment should last five years, adding "this will last us while we are determining what the next model will be." We're sure Ford will be more than happy to fill the order, and we'd also wager that the Austin police department won't be the only municipality to ask for one more big order of Crown Vics. Hat tip to Marcus!

[Source: Austin Statesman]

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