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Last night, while getting caught up on some shows on Hulu, the first of the official Chevy Volt ads came on. We've seen this one before, the one that introduced the world to the "More car than electric" slogan but this time, that tagline was noticeably missing. In its place was the message that the Volt has won some big automotive awards recently. Given how controversial this slogan has been and the fact that it was MIA from the Volt Super Bowl commercial, we wondered if GM decided to quietly scrap it.

The answer is no. GM told AutoblogGreen today that:

"It's More Car Than Electric" is still tagline for Volt. We did replace the tagline to announce the "Motor Trend Car of the Year" and "North American Car of the Year." We also do not use the tagline when we are using Volt as more of a halo story for Chevrolet.

So, GM is still happy to take swipes at pure EVs, and we still think this isn't the best idea. You can see the original ad after the jump and if you have a link to the newer version, please share it in the comments.

[Source: Chevy]

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