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Chevy Volt Super Bowl ad puts emphasis on innovation, electricity [w/video]

Chevy Volt Super Bowl Commercial – Click above to watch video after the jump

Mixed in with the full complement of Super Bowl commercials from General Motors is the latest promotional tool for the Chevy Volt. The gist of the ad is that innovation can come in a lot of places, from the end of a kite string (you're all familiar with Ben Franklin, no?) to the stage at Woodstock (here, the ad uses a really fake-feeling Jimi Hendrix shot) to, well, the end of an electric cord when it's plugged into a car.

You can see the ad for yourself after the jump, but one thing immedately jumps out: there is no "More Car Than Electric" tagline. This is emblematic of the way the new ad is quite different than the first Volt TV commercials, which tried (a little too hard) to attack other electric cars by promoting the extended range benefits of the Volt. Instead of that message, the new spot pushes the dramatic change that plugging in your car can bring to the world. This is a good message. In fact, it's just super.

[Source: Chevy]

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