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Report: German-baiting Nissan ads at Goodwood draw Porsche ire

Why is everybody picking on Porsche these days? Last month, the marketing team at Mini had quite a bit of fun at the expense of the German sports car maker, daring the storied automaker to step into the ring to take on a Mini Cooper S at Road Atlanta. A privately sourced 911 ended up kicking the Mini's go-kart-handling butt to the curb, but even in defeat, the British marquee had the nerve to mention that the 911's two-second victory would cost the typical weekend warrior about $36,000 per second.
Mini isn't the first automaker to go after Porsche; Nissan has been nipping at the heels of the 911 since the venerable GT-R hit the streets a couple years back. Nissan was back at its German rival during the Goodwood Festival of Speed last week, with a splattering of advertising preaching general superiority. Nissan smacked at Porsche, Audi and BMW on a giant billboard at London's BFI IMAX cinema and on smaller postcards handed out. The ads are part of a UK-wide campaign that includes such slogans as "How to beat the Germans" and amusingly, "Kaisers Chiefed" and "The Germans Came Off Wurst." The aggressive campaign at Goodwood included a brace of Nissan GT-R and 370Z models displayed wearing BMW, Audi and Porsche logos next to fighter plane-style kill marks.
So, is Porsche going to take this face-slap sitting down? Actually, lawyers at the German automaker have already blew the whistle on the ad, but not because of any embarrassment, pain or trauma it may have caused. Instead, Porsche suits simply asked that any unauthorized use of its crest trademark be removed. Nissan is reportedly removing the trademarks and continuing the ad campaign. For our money, we'd rather see the lawyers stay out of this fight and get a GT-R and a 911 Turbo on the 'Ring for a final showdown.

[Source: Guardian UK]

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