Mini vs. Porsche – Click above to view the videos after the jump

In the over-hyped and ridiculous contrived "race" between the Mini Cooper and the Porsche 911, a victor has been crowned, and as you'd expect, the blokes from BMW had their bumpers handed to them.

Despite creating a "track" at the infield of Road Atlanta designed to maximize the Mini's potential and neuter the high-speed prowess of the Porsche, the Cooper still lost the battle by a full two seconds. Naturally, Mini likes to point out that the difference was $38,000 a second, but to anyone paying attention, the additional $76k is money well spent... particularly on a real track. Maybe Mini should've reconsidered Hyundai's offer...

Hit the jump for the race and two introductory videos, including a thoroughly comical explanation about why Mini opted for an autocross track and not the full course at Road Atlanta.

[Source: Facebook]

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