Citroën reportedly considering producing Survolt, Metropolis concepts [w/pics aplenty]

Citroën Survolt concept at Le Mans Classic – Click above for high-res image mega gallery

If you were disheartened by reports last week that Citroën had shelved plans to build the GTbyCitroën concept, we've got better news for you this week. Much better news, in fact.

First of all, follow-up reports claim that Citroën hasn't killed the program, so the proverbial jury is still out on whether it will get built or not. But that's not even the good part, as Britain's Autocar magazine has it on good authority that the French automaker is working on bringing two more recent concepts into production.

The first is the pint-size Survolt concept unveiled in Geneva, a model that more recently ran the Circuit de la Sarthe at the Le Mans Classic... with a more appealing paint scheme, too. According to reports, Citroën is evaluating putting the little electric sportscar into limited production, and even launching a one-make spec racing series (like the Porsche Supercup or Ferrari Challenge) specifically for the Survolt. Sounds enticing, and we've put together a nice big fresh image gallery of the concept at Le Mans for the occasion.

That's not the end of it, however, as the Chevron marque is also reportedly evaluating production possibilities for the Metropolis concept, a car that could halo the company's premium line with a DS9 nameplate. The sleek limousine was unveiled in concept form at the Shanghai Motor Show, and if for the Chinese market alone could be worth putting into production. With the German luxury marques forging into the supermini category, Citroën is rearing for a fight, and launching a luxury sedan back at 'em could be just what the docteur ordered.

[Source: Autocar]

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