GTbyCitroën not to be built after all?

GTbyCitroën – Click above for high-res image gallery

On again, off again. How else could we describe the production prospects of the GTbyCitroën? The supercar concept was devised jointly by the French automaker and by the electronic wizards behind the Gran Turismo video game franchise, but rather than leaving it up to cyberspace alone, Citroën built a real-life showcar version.

The attention it garnered – and the blank checks waved in its face – reportedly prompted Citroën to consider building a limited run for insistent and well-heeled customers. But after reports from around this time last year indicated that the chevron brand was going ahead with the plans, a year later these have still yet to materialize. Now the word on the street is that Citroën has axed the plans altogether.

The reasons? According to reports, Citroën feels there are more practical things on which to focus its resources. And we don't doubt that there are. But when you can produce a halo vehicle and pass on the bulk of the expense to willing-and-able customers, we can't help but wonder what Citroën really stands to lose by fulfilling such pixel-fueled dreams.


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