New Citroën Metropolis concept photos released ahead of Shanghai debut

Citroen Metropolis concept – Click above for high-res image gallery

Citroën rarely disappoints when it comes to concept cars. This year, for example, we've already gotten the Survolt and DS High Rider. Its latest effort steps up the luxury in a big way. The Citroën Metropolis concept , set to debut in Shanghai later this month, is a beautiful and very French take on the Maybach formula (whether PSA actually greenlights a production venture into such rarefied air remains to be seen.)

Some of the Metropoplis concept's lines are similar to those first seen on the GTbyCitroen supercar, but they're more elegant than outrageous as presented on this opulent saloon. A 460-horsepower hybrid powertrain has our interest piqued as well, but for now we'll have to keep ourselves content with the photo dump that just hit Citroën's media site. All the latest images are laid out in the high-resolution gallery below, and we've begun counting down to this year's Paris salon to see what Citroën has in store for us next.

[Source: Citroën]

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