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Recently, we reported the scheduled release of an all-new motorcycle hailing from Germany, known to us only as Das Neue Motorrad, the news came with much anticipation, the excitement being twofold. First, the prospect of finally seeing a new motorcycle from the land of Bavaria, a place with such a rich two-wheeled history but very few modern offerings, and second the secrecy leading up to the release, coupled with the companies claims to offer "revolutionary designs" and an engine concept "currently seen nowhere in the industry" which peaked the interest of moto-junkies around the globe.

As the smoke has cleared and rumors ceased, lifting of the veil has exposed Horex as the new motorcycle brand from Germany. So just how do they define revolution? That would be with a supercharged 15-degree monoblock V6, of course. Horex is said to have patented the VR6 configuration for two-wheeled vehicles. The compact design allows for fitment of six rounds in a space traditionally fit with four. For additional 'whee-factor,' a radial supercharger feeds the 1200cc beast,producing a tractable delivery of the claimed output of 198hp and 110 lb-ft of torque, which is routed to the tarmac via belt drive.

The chassis and suspension wrapping that powerplant compete a package that not only looks legit, but should also live up to performance expectations. 50mm forks sort out the bumps and the attached dual-radial-mounted brakes should have no trouble halting the Horex from substantial velocities. From the looks of things, the frame and swing-arm components appear to exhibit top-notch fit and finish. The styling is definitely of a classic nature, minus the ram-air type intake ports on the front of the fuel tank.

The price of admission will be €20,000 ($24,600 USD), and that's only if you are in Germany, Austria or Switzerland, but at least it probably includes taxes. We'll have to wait and see what exchange rates are when the Horex finally makes it to the rest of Europe and the U.S.

The irony in all of this is that Horex is not new at all – it's a reincarnation of the classic brand founded in 1923 which produced motorcycles up until Daimler-Benz purchased the company and ceased bike production in 1960. So make that Germany's newest-old motorcycle company, for the record. Revolutionary?...well, probably not, we just can't wait to hear the exhaust note!

[Source: Horex]

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