If you think back ten years ago, could you have ever imagined a day when an oil company like Shell would come forward and openly discuss the emergence of vehicles that operate without a drop of crude? We didn't see it coming back then, but the times they are a-changin'.
The Shell Dialogues team will host a live webchat May 11 focusing on sustainable transportation. The topics of discussion will likely include: What can be done to ensure vehicles built today are still efficient in 2020 and beyond? Can electric cars really help to reduce carbon emissions? Could regulations speed up a move towards sustainable transport?

These topics and many more will be openly discussed during the webchat, but we can tell from past comments what Shell's mindset is. Many big oil companies have increased efforts into alternative energy products and are focusing on a sustainable future that may not be powered by oil alone, but Shell executives have said that electric cars won't make an impact until decades from now and that biofuels are the future because, "My milkman used to drive around in electric cars a long time ago ... What's new?" Let Shell know how you feel by registering for one of two web chats hosted on May 11th, and voicing your opinion. Follow the link below to register and view the introductory video.

[Source: Shell]

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