Shell has stated its preference for hydrogen and biofuels in the past. What they haven't gone out of their way to do, though, was to aggravate electric vehicle fans by dismissing their powertrain of choice. Royal Dutch Shell CEO, Jereoen van der Veer, has filled in that little oversight yesterday in Germany. Speaking to the Associated Press, van der Veer said that, "My milkman used to drive around in electric cars a long time ago ... What's new?" He then said that EVs require too much infrastructure to make sense. Really? That's the best he can do?

It's true that electric cars have been around for a long while. There's also a lot of agreement that liquid fuels will be with us for a while yet. But vehicles with plugs are the future, not the past. Instead of EVs, van der Veer said that he wants his company to focus on biofuels. I guess he just wants to milk liquid fuels for all they're worth while he still can.

[Source: IBT via All Cars Electric]

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