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Are green cars considered feminine? Advertisers may be to blame

According to a recent study, companies hawking green wares may need to change their marketing strategies. OgilvyEarth, a consulting group specializing in sustainability, just released the results of their research called "Mainstream Green: Moving sustainability from niche to normal." It turns out that 82 percent of Americans intend to be greener in their lifestyles, but only 16 percent actually follow through, resulting in something that OgilvyEarth calls the "Green Gap."

Volvo named top automaker in Sustainable Brands 2011 survey

Volvo has been named the top automaker in the 2011 Sustainable Brands survey. That's definitely an achievement, but before we applaud the Sweden-based automaker for grabbing the top spot it's worth mentioning that Sustainable Brands surveyed 3,000 Swedish consumers to compile its final rankings. Seems like someone may have had a home court advantage, doesn't it?

David Suzuki: Why even electric vehicles won't save us

Long-time environmental activist Dr. David Suzuki is unconvinced that a huge shift to electric vehicles will do enough to address the impact of our transportation culture. It's clear that simply replacing internal combustion engines with electric drive powertrains will definitely reduce the direct pollution of operating vehicles, but Suzuki argues (correctly) that the total impact of the way our transportation system has evolved over the past century goes way beyond what comes out of the tailpip

Shell Dialogues hosting sustainable transportation, electric cars webchat May 11th

If you think back ten years ago, could you have ever imagined a day when an oil company like Shell would come forward and openly discuss the emergence of vehicles that operate without a drop of crude? We didn't see it coming back then, but the times they are a-changin'.

Renault launches sustainable mobility website

The Renault-Nissan alliance is pushing forward perhaps harder than any other established automaker with its electric vehicle efforts. Between the French and Japanese, brands they plan to have as many as eight different battery electric vehicles in production in the next few years. In order to make sure that there is a demand for these zero emissions vehicles, the companies are activel

SAE 2009: Is mobility sustainable? Not the way we're running it today

One of the more approachable topics discussed at the SAE World Congress this week (as opposed to, say, "CAE Simulation/Test Correlation and Optimization in Automotive Engineering." Not that there's anything wrong with that) was a talk by Sebastian Blanco

Volkswagen of America launches Responsible Mobility micro-site

Heading into Earth Day, Volkswagen of America has launched a new micro-site called Volkswagen Responsible Mobility that is dedicated to, well, responsible mobility. The premise of the site, which covers all the VW brands available in the U.S., is to promote all the various alternative drive and fuel technologies that Volkswagen is developing. Diesel is obviously a big emphasis for the company that pioneered turbocharged direct injected diesel engines