Forty years is a long, long time from now, so making predictions about the state of the world in 2050 is a pretty easy thing to do. Who's going to remember to fact check you? Nobody, that's who. Still, it's worth noting that Shell chief executive Peter Voser said yesterday that he expects plug-in vehicles to make up up to 40 percent of the global car market in 2050. That means Royal Dutch Shell is somehow preparing for an estimated 800 million electric vehicles at that time (Voser said the company expects there will be two billion vehicles on the road then). Of course, if Voser is right, it means we'll still have a lot of liquid-burning vehicles around – using biofuels, super clean diesel and hyper-efficient hybrid powertrains – and Voser said, "I think there will be room and space to develop all of them." Shell, of course, is working on making hydrogen and biofuels more available.

[Source: Reuters]

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