As with its model line, Cadillac has performed surgery on its logo. The previous logo, at right, was a sleek bit of matte color and metal unveiled in 1999 as a result of Cadillac wanting a new icon to represent its "art & science" campaign. The aim was "to combine suggestions of high technology and elegance through faceted shapes-inspired by the stealth fighter and by gemstones." Sure.

The new logo cranks up the texture effect on the wreath, adds texture inside the crest, and plays up the embossing and light effects of the crest edge. It's new, but it's got a shiny bit of retro about it that we don't mind.

Cadillac doesn't appear to have said anything about it, and while it appears on the 60-day Guarantee site we can't tell if it's made it onto Caddy's official plot of the interwebs. The real test, though, will be how it looks when it makes it onto the cars. Thanks for the tip, Scott!

[Source: Under Consideration]

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