Renault Zero Emission line-up - Click for high-res image gallery

The more we see of Renault's all-electric line-up that is on display at the Frankfurt Motor Show, the more we want to hang out at company cocktail parties. Something delicious and potent must be on tap there. From the elegant and unexpected lines of the Zoe (above, note the recycle logo) to the buggy quirkiness of the Twizy, Renault is displaying some truly fun-looking electric cars here. Now if only these things were available to drive off the lot today, we'd really be getting somewhere. As we said yesterday when we got Renault's official pics, these cars demand a second look in high-res. Have at it in the gallery below. While you do, we'll hunt down more information on Renault's Quickdrop battery exchange station and what role Better Place has with the technology.

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