It's no mystery that Bob Lutz wasn't particularly pleased with Buick's recent "Photo Shoot" advert, and according to Ad Age, the tri-shield's spot wasn't the only campaign to incur Maximum Bob's maximum wrath.

On July 14, General Motor's new Vice Chairman sat down with the automaker's branding teams, and according to one source, "crapped all over the advertising," then left on a Caribbean vacation.

Specifically, he took issue with the aforementioned Buick commercial, as well as the Kate Walsh (of Grey's Anatomy fame) Cadillac ads, saying the spots were "too dark" and that Chevrolet's new campaign – which has yet to run – is "too lifestyle-focused."

Speaking with various insiders at GM, its advertising agencies and the creator of the Buick spot, Ad Age reports that Lutz will be spearheading in-depth reviews of current and upcoming campaigns to best represent the General's post-bankruptcy rebirth, and taking an old-school approach that highlights the products and features in its line-up.

Lutz said in a webcast before the meeting, "I think you will very quickly see a drastic change in the tone and content of our advertising. And if you don't, it will mean that I have failed."

[Source: Ad Age | Image Source: Stan Honda/Getty]

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