For an episode of the show Police Interceptors, which airs on channel five in Britain, the producers wanted to recreate a police chase. But instead of throwing together some archive clips and fast-cut footage of police cars caroming through empty streets, the show gave presenter Natalie Pinkham (right) a Lamborghini and told her to take off. Then the Essex police gave Pinkham a 20-minute head start and they took off after her – speeding, blue lights flashing, the works.

Because the Lamborghini had a tracking device, the police knew how to find Pinkham, but it took them an hour. Other police forces are upset that the Essex men in blue were shown "Sitting round swapping silly jokes, drinking cups of tea and chatting up young women drivers." For their part, road safety campaigners are fuming that innocent drivers could have been put at risk, and a taxpayer's group doesn't like the Essex police subbing as extras instead of protecting the public.

In reply, a police spokesman said the chase was "a training exercise for officers in using a new tracker device." If Ms. Pinkham ever needs to try out a tracking device on this side of the world, please, let us know. We'd like to get that kind of training, too.

[Source: Daily Mail | Image:]

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