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Click above for a gallery of the VW Golf that was swallowed by a pothole in Ukraine

Think the roads are bad in your neck of the woods? Growing up just a bit south of Detroit before moving to the sunnier climes of Arizona, this particular blogger has always assumed that Michigan's harsh winters and heavy traffic conspire to make the frost heaved and potholed highways of the Motor City the worst in the world. Apparently, that's not the case, and it's not even close.

The dubious distinction of the world's worst pothole must go out to our friends in Ukraine. The story accompanies the set of photos seen below explains that an underground water pipe may have burst, which created a sinkhole large enough to swallow an entire Volkswagen Golf whole. Fortunately, the car's occupants were able to escape out the back window, which was just about the only portion of the hatchback that wasn't covered by a few tons of dirt and asphalt.

[Source: English Russia]

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