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CarVi aftermarket driver assist device can also crowdsource potholes

Spot them, log them, report them and maybe one day fix them

Spot them, log them, report them and maybe one day fix them.

Pothole season hits hard and early across eastern U.S.

Freeze-thaw weather, lack of money cited for widespread pothole plague

Freeze-thaw weather, lack of funding cited for widespread pothole plague

Self-repairing roads could also charge your electric car

Dutch researchers might have a way for pothole-filled roads to fix themselves, while also solving range anxiety for electric car drivers.

Portland's anarchists: We'll smash the state and fix your potholes

Burn things down? These anarchists are patching things up.

So, this is a thing now.

5 Car Parts Potholes Can Damage

Think driving will get easier once the winter season ends? Think again.

How to File a Claim When Bad Roads Damage Your Car

When driving a car, there are few things more frustrating than having your vehicle damaged when you’re not at fault.

84-year-old Canadian fed up with potholes fixes road himself

Preston Perry, 84, of Upper Nine Mile River, Nova Scotia, couldn't stand the potholes on his street anymore, so he hopped on his tractor and started fixing them himself.

5 Essential Things to Know About Potholes

Every time the weather gets colder it seems as if new, annoying potholes spring up overnight.

3 Essential Things to Know About Your Car’s Shock Absorbers

A shock absorber is a device inside your vehicle that is connected to the suspension.

Can Bad Roads Damage an Exhaust System?

We tend to only think about the exhaust on our cars when something goes wrong, but it’s a critical system that we should be paying attention to on a regular basis.

How to Increase the Lifespan of Your Suspension

No car, truck, or SUV is going to last forever, but keeping your vehicle working well for as long as possible will save you both headaches and money.

Google patent will turn cars into pothole patrollers

Google wants to make driving more comfortable by routing you around roads covered in potholes, thanks to a new patent. The tech doesn't seem too hard to implement, either.

Artist Wanksy is stiffly opposed to potholes in his town [NSFW]

A ballsy street artist in Manchester, UK has grown tired of his town's plethora of potholes, and has taken matters into his own hands.

Michigan official urges drivers to call 911 on dangerous potholes

Warm spring weather is usually welcomed with open arms in Michigan, but this year's thaw is opening up potholes on roadways so big one county executive is urging residents to call 911 on dangerous roads.

'Pothole Killer' Faster Than A Four-Man Road Crew

Specialized truck can repair a pothole in two minutes

If you live in a land that's been gripped by the Polar Vortex, has experienced immense, record-breaking amounts of snowfall and has the roads to prove it, though, look on this wonderful machine with joy. It's called the Pothole Killer, and it's here to put the traditional patching crew out of business.

Mississippi man under fire for fixing potholes using city's supplies [w/video]

Potholes, also known as the bane of every motorist's existence, are a huge problem in many cities. One resident in Jackson, Mississippi got fed up with the constant bumps and craters in his city's roads, and took matters into his own hands.

Students find a way to fix potholes with fluids

Potholes. Crews are out now tamping new asphalt into the pockmarks that winter leaves on our roads, but what if there were a cheaper, easier way to quickly mitigate these wheel-eating voids? Students at Cleveland's Case Western Reserve University may have the answer. In April, the team took first prize in a competition sponsored by Saint-Gobain

UK survey says Honda models most "pothole-proof"

A new study by Warranty Direct in the UK claims Honda makes vehicles that are the least-susceptible to damage from potholes. According to the company, only 1.4 percent of Honda owners submit a warranty claim for repair due to pothole damage. Compare that figure with the 12.2 percent of Chrysler owners who submit claims – the American automaker found itself the least resilient to pothole damage alon

If they can't be fixed, more visible potholes are better than nothing

Here's the theory: make potholes easier to see, and they'll be easier to avoid. How would it work? Employ a base layer underneath the road in some garish color, and when tarmac divots appear, voila, the things stick out like wounds. Both theories have been suggested by Domenico Diego and Cristina Corradini, students at the Polytechnic University of Milan, while looking for a way to make streets safer.

Lamest Excuse of the Week: Potholes as a "natural traffic calming measure"

Here in Michigan, we're used to hearing plenty of worthless excuses about the crap condition of our roads. However, this one takes the cake. A local council in Essex, England has deemed broken roads a "natural traffic calming measure." If you didn't catch that, "traffic calming" is a euphemism used by politicians when discussing measures to slow the traffic flow through an area. Generally, the "calming" i

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