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Incredibly, no one was seriously injured

Incredibly, no one was seriously injured.


Putin built the $3.6 billion bridge in defiance of Ukraine

Russian President Vladimir Putin is fond of activities that accentuate his manliness, like bare-chested horseback riding, not-bare-chested polar exploration, and promoting the Russian limousine and wicked-looking armored car industries. Now he has taken on the role of trucker to unveil a new road-and-rail bridge linking Russia to the annexed Crimean peninsula.


Dutch authorities claim up to 100 people were involved in MH17's downing.

Russia continues to deny any governmental role in the downing, despite evidence tracking the Buk missile system crossing the border into Ukraine.

A Ukrainian ferry commuter misjudged his timing and, to his surprise, drove his car straight into the Black Sea earlier this month. According to The Mirror, the ferry, Protoporos IV, was putting in to the port of Kerch in Southern Ukraine earlier this month when one driver got an itchy foot. As the vessel approached the dock and lowered her ramp, a black Lada parked on the lower deck began to inch ahead of the rest of the cars parked there, apparently in an effort to beat the disembarking line.


Minister of Internal Affairs hopes for a 652nd.

Ukraine is replacing its aging, Russian-made police vehicles with a greener option from Japan.


A man wearing a Chewbacca costume was arrested at a polling place in Odessa, Ukraine yesterday for failing to provide the proper identification to vote.


"Time spent on reconnaissance is seldom wasted." Recognizing that fact, a Facebook group has taken to shipping small recon drones to Ukrainian forces.


The Iron Curtain may be lowering on Russia again, at least when it comes to the country's auto industry. The government there is reportedly considering a ban on imported cars as a response if the West puts more sanctions in place. However, even if the restrictions materialize, domestically built vehicles from foreign automakers would likely still receive an exemption.


Could dashcams act as sort of a magnet for bizarre events? It seems entirely plausible, considering the sheer number of insane things routinely caught on the handy video cameras. This latest one comes from Ukraine, which as you probably know, has been locked in a pretty nasty dispute with Russia and allegedly Russian-backed separatists.

The Mitsubishi Eclipse may very well be the Pontiac Fiero of our time. Whereas the old Poncho formerly served as the go-to platform for every Ferrari and Lamborghini replica gone awry, the Eclipse seems to have usurped that crown in the modern age. Need an example? Look no further than this crafty Eclipse owner from Ukraine recently uncovered by our friends at EnglishRussia.com. Using nothing but some very impressive fabrication skills, some sheet metal and his ingenuity, the guy turned his budg


First introduced way back in 1999, the Pagani Zonda has had a nice long run. Twelve years, to be precise. Now the Huayra – also named after a wind, like its predecessor and so many Volkswagen models (Scirocco, Passat, Bora, etc.) – is upon us. But before the Zonda speeds off into the sunset, Pagani had to finish fulfilling orders for the outgoing model.

Ukraine is reportedly considering setting aside a portion of its crop of fodder potatoes for the production of biofuel, according to the nation's Agrarian Policy and Food Ministry. The Ukraine ranks fourth among all nations worldwide in terms of annual potato crop volume (beaten out by China, India and Russia). Since the price for the starchy, tuberous crop is low there, it's could make an ideal biofuel source.

On January 4, 2011, driving is going to get significantly more expensive in the United Kingdom. In a special budget speech in the British House of Commons this week, Chancellor (equivalent of finance minister or treasury secretary) George Osborne announced that the Value Added Tax (VAT) would increase from the current 17.5 percent to 20 percent in an effort to eliminate the budget deficit within five years. The increased tax is expected raise £13 billion per year, but that will only accoun

Torched Corvette in the Ukraine - Click above for a gallery of images

Click above for a gallery of the VW Golf that was swallowed by a pothole in Ukraine

Russia and Ukraine are presently in the midst of a natural gas pricing dispute. Russia wants Ukraine to pay closer to market price for the commodity. Ukraine says that Russia should pay more for the use of its pipelines, through which the bulk of the EU's Russia-sourced natural gas flows. Russia has escalated matters by cutting off its gas shipments via Ukrainian pipelines completely, and the EU is scrambling as it deals with shortages. Obviously, there's zero love lost between Russia and Ukrain

A hot red Porsche Cayenne SUV driven by Ukraine's number two traffic cop from the elite "Kobra" division swerves it way through heavy traffic on one of the more fashionable boulevards of Kiev. With eight lanes and little movement the impatient driver cuts off a high level politician in his black Toyota Landcruiser SUV. The politician accelerates and attempts to halt the Porsche but receives only "the finger" for his efforts. Well, that and the license plate number which is eventually tracked dow

Click above for gallery of Stadnyk receiving his custom car

According to Nissan Motor Co. Ltd. CEO Carlos Ghosn, the automaker is prepping to launch diesel and gasoline variants of its Infiniti models in Western Europe in 2008. The development came as the company announced its 2005 fiscal year financial results. The move comes after Infiniti announced it will be sold in Russia this year and Ukraine and China in 2007. Ghosn said that the Infiniti brand is the fastest-growing luxury nameplate in the United States, though the lack of new models pr