Although Volvo has already said that it would not participate in this October's Tokyo Motor Show, the Swedish automaker's German contemporaries are reportedly dragging their feet on similar public announcements in an effort to not be the first from their country to do so. According to a brief Automotive News item, BMW and Mercedes-Benz are "unlikely to participate" as part of an effort to limit expenditures, and Volkswagen AG and supplier Bosch are among those said to be on the fence.
Speaking about the pullout possibilities, an unnamed Automobilwoche (AN's Germanic sister publication) source has said that "No one wants to be in the unpopular position of being the first to announce their exit." Perhaps, but that didn't stop Volvo from letting some air out of Tokyo's balloons, nor did it keep the Detroit 3 from doing the same before them.

[Source: Automotive News - subs. req'd]

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