The 2009 Tokyo Motor Show is going to have to make do without another automaker, as Volvo has decided to save money by skipping the exhibition. Volvo's move comes after all three Detroit automakers decided to skip the event, which is held every other year. Volvo, like the Detroit automakers, doesn't have a major presence in the land of the rising sun, making the decision not to head for Tokyo easier. With the precipitous state of the global economy, the prospect of saving money doesn't suck, either. Floor space, displays, plus travel and accommodations for employees can cost quite a bit. GM spent $2 million at Tokyo in 2007, and though Volvo's display wouldn't cost that much, the tab for Tokyo time would still be steep.
No Japanese automakers have dropped out yet, but the lack of foreign automaker involvement could mean postponement until 2011. Automotive News is reporting that Tokyo Motor Show officials will make a decision on what to do by early next month.

[Source: Automotive News subs req'd]

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