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During his presidential campaign, Barack Obama swapped his Hemi for a hybrid and called for a million plug-in hybrids by 2015. This Thursday, the President is scheduled to visit the Southern California Edison Electric Vehicle Technical Center in Pomona to see the progress that SCE and Ford are making on their plug-in Escape hybrids and other clean vehicles.

SCE's Electric Vehicle Technical Center does more than plug-in hybrid work, since is also tests pure EVs, hybrids and fuel cell propulsion systems as well as different battery packs and chargers. Overall, the SCE electric drive fleet has "logged more than 16 million tailpipe-emission-free miles." Back in 2007, Ford handed over the keys to the first PHEV Escape prototype to SCE. In 2008, we got a quick test drive of the PHEV Escape during the New York Auto Show.

[Source: Detroit News]

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