The Rocky Mountain Institute has been working for ages, it seems, to perfect the ideas behind a hyper-efficient vehicle (see here). A year ago, people working at RMI joined up with others in the green car space to form Bright Automotive. The group believes, "the best way to reinvigorate the American transportation sector is to innovate high volume automotive solutions based on economics, fuel efficiency, superior design and lightweight materials." The company's plan is to reduce a vehicle's weight and drag in just about every aspect, resulting in a car that gets 100 mpge with a battery pack 40 percent smaller than might be expected, according to GreenTech Media.
Bright Automotive, located in Indiana, would benefit from a proposal put forth in December by U.S. Senator Evan Bayh (D-IN) for $1.63 billion in grants that would help American high-tech and electric vehicle companies. Bright Automotive's first vehicle is scheduled to be unveiled at EVS24 this spring. The car is a plug-in vehicle that can go 30 miles on battery power. The range with a full battery and gas tank will be 400 miles.

[Source: GreenTech Media, Bright Automotive]

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