Ever get the impression that the person offering you something doesn't really want you to take it? Well imagine that idea on a multimillion-dollar scale, as Porsche has submitted its obligatory low-ball offer on Scania.

The Swedish truckmaker, formerly under the same ownership as Saab and sharing basically the same logo, is controlled by Volkswagen, which controls 68.6% of its board and owns 37.7% of its capital. Since Porsche has, in turn, acquired controlling interest in the Volkswagen group, they have indirect control over Scania and were therefore required by law to make an offer. Nobody said that offer had to be realistic, though, and Porsche has stated it has no "strategic interest" in taking over at Scania's Södertälje, Sweden, headquarters. There is no official word on how low Porsche's offer was, but evidently nobody expects Scania to accept. But wouldn't it be funny if they did? Perhaps the next-generation Cayenne would come with a ridiculously high tow rating.

[Source: Detroit News]

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