AXP's senior director Cristin Lindsay and Dana Myers

Way back in 2006, we took an in-depth look at the NMG, a quirky electric vehicle from Myers Motors that seats one and is based on the Corbin Sparrow. Myers Motors is still alive and kicking and selling NMG vehicles (but that Qui Moto didn't exactly come to fruition). We found Dana Myers, CEO of MyersMotors, at the Detroit Auto Show just as he was about to officially hand over his check to enter the Automotive X-Prize. We got a chance to ask what's up with the electric car company these days and, most excitedly, get a few scant details about the advertised NMG 2, a two-person version of the NMG that's scheduled for later this year.

Myers wouldn't say too much, but we did get him to spill a few beans. He told us that, while his company has been planing to make a two-seater for a while now (see also: the Qui Moto, again), they wanted to wait until they had the powertrain and the lithium-ion battery technology nailed down in the standard NMG before porting it over into the NMG 2. The new car will have side-by-side seating and will keep the NMG's three wheel configuration in order to remain in the motorcycle class. Mabe we'll get that Qui Moto - or a three-wheeled version of it, after all.

So, how hard is it to make an electric car? Myers said that in the really early versions of the NMG, you would roll the windows down and the car would shut down. Building his own EVs has taught Dana a few things, and he does understand why the OEMs are so hesitant and cautious when they make pronouncements about actual release dates and prices. "I'd be surprised if the [Chevy] Volt comes in at 40 grand, but it's good if it does," he said.

Listen to the whole interview below (6 minutes, 8MB)

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