Myers Motors bringing new EV to market in 2007: the Qui Moto

AutoblogGreen readers are no strangers to Myers Motors and their tiny electric car, the NmG (No more Gas), which Ray Holan profiled in depth last summer. And it's an AutoblogGreen reader tipped us off to the so far low-profile announcement from Myers of their newest EV, the Qui Moto, coming next summer.

Myers is not releasing a lot of information on the Qui Moto just yet. They say it has a 60 mile range, and can go 30 more miles on a mid-day 50 percent Depth of Discharge 110-volt charge. The Qui Moto can go 1,000 miles on $25 worth of energy and seats two side by side, Myers says. Price and other details are unfortunately unavailable. The NmG sells for $24,900.

The sleek yellow Qui Moto (with a drag coefficient of 0.019) is more strikingly beautiful than the NmG, and certainly looks more futuristic than most other cars available today or soon. Perhaps this creative style comes from the subtle message on their logo for Romans 12:2, which demands people be independent and freethinking to discover the will of God. I wonder if that makes the Qui Moto a Godmobile?

[Source: Myers Motors, hat tip to ABG reader Michael]

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