As GM has reminded us in numerous ad campaigns, OnStar can summon help if you get into trouble while at the wheel of a car or truck equipped with the service. One Paul W. Sinker III of Stroudsbourg, PA probably wishes he'd been driving something without the factory-installed blue button after his OnStar setup worked exactly as advertised early New Year's Day. According to the The Morning Call newspaper, the 22-year-old driver had gotten his car stuck in the mud. OnStar summoned the police (it's not made clear whether this was initiated by the driver or the system acted proactively in Omniscient Being mode), and officers arrived on-scene at around 1 A.M. From there, Mr. Sinker's kickoff to 2009 made like the Andrea Doria. The police smelled booze on his breath, a field sobriety test ended with an arrest, and the whole affair subsequently hit the AP wire. Listen, we shed zero tears for drunk drivers given the opportunity to model the latest Smith & Wesson jewelery, but this particular tale also serves as a reminder that your car's techno features can indeed come back to bite you - or in this particular case, get you pinched.

[Source: The Morning Call]

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