Spy Shots: Porsche Panamera still ugly

More spy shots of the Porsche Panamera have emerged, and in addition to wearing almost no camo, it is missing one other thing: any hint of beauty, anywhere. In fact, we can now definitively say that Porsche has one of the world's greatest ever surprises up its sleeve: the company either has a titanic makeover regimen planned for the car that will turn it into something attractive, or Porsche plans to release a truly regrettable looking vehicle.
Looking like a slammed Cayenne with a fastback and front fender vents, the Panamera is caught from several angles. In our opinion, the only nice angle is the front, because you don't have to see the rest of it. Having said that, we don't doubt the car -- even if it looks like the one pictured -- will find buyers. It is a 4-door Porsche that will sport better MPG than the Cayenne, after all. But Porsche, there's still time to make the car look like this. Please, think about it. Because if it's between this car or an A7 or Rapide? Well, um... don't wait by the phone is all we're saying... Thanks for the tip, Ross!

[Source: Global Motors]

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