Rendered Speculation: Top Gear pays for best Porsche Panamera renders yet

Newsflash: the Panamera looks good. Or rather, the Panamera rendering that Top Gear magazine commissioned for its Bulgarian edition looks good. Which really has no bearing on whether the actual Panamera will look good. Which is a shame.

If you compare the rendering to the spy shots, you see it rescues the Panamera's sides from the tube-of-soap styling that the mules have thus far displayed. The flared wheel arches, especially at the rear, and the harder angles on the flanks give the car the kind of elegant aggression a Porsche demands. The scalloped sides, which we think are attractive but a bit gimmicky, do emphasize the growth of the car toward the rear, which is also a benefit. And the wheels: yes.

But on the subject of the rendering's posterior, which looks like a truncated Cayman... The only thing we can say is that making 3 out of 4 sides look better isn't bad. Top Gear thinks its rendering is "the best idea yet" of what the Panamera will look like. We'll all find out at the Geneva Motor Show in 2009.

Thanks for the tip, Mike!

[Source: Top Gear]

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