Rendered Speculation: Will this be the new Audi A7?

We recently gave you details and showed you spy shots of Audi's forthcoming A7 four-door "coupe". Not much could be gleaned from the photos though, with the car looking much more like a sport camel than a sport sedan. A year ago, CAR magazine was passing out renderings of the A7 based on information it was getting from insiders. Their images were of an impossibly sleek -- and quite good looking -- stealthmobile that substituted a huge hatch for a trunk. Auto Express has new renderings of the car, and it maintains all the spirit of the CAR originals. It's still red and impossibly sleek, with a reptilian, evil eye front end treatment that says "Yeah, I'm lookin' at you..." We've been examining the wheel wells on the spy shots to see if they could really fit wheels as big as those on the rendering -- and we can't say for sure either way. If the 600-hp RS7 variant comes on feet that big, it'll be a serious looking car indeed. However, unless that rear end is hiding a hatch, you won't able to fit anything in the trunk except two-by-fours.

[Source: Auto Express via German Car Blog]

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