Audi R8 test drive ends with a swim

There have got to be cheaper ways to go for a swim, but one driver apparently couldn't find one. The 33-year-old Dutch man from the town of Woerden in the Netherlands went by his local Audi dealership to check out a brand spankin' new R8 supercar... and then proceeded to drive it into the nearest river. The driver was reportedly speeding – 80 mph according to police, but closer to 125 if you ask some of the bystanders – in a 50 zone when he hit a bump, lost control and skidded into a dyke. Although local law enforcement authorities are reportedly investigating the incident, nobody was hurt. The same cannot be said, sadly, for the car, which is reportedly in a repair shop where the dealer's insurance company will surely declare it a write-off.

After Intersection magazine gave another Audi product the treatment by lowering it into a swimming pool in England – the same one that Jeremy Clarkson drove a Rolls-Royce into, by the looks of things – we can't help but wonder and worry if this isn't a developing trend. In the meantime, we'll do our part to remind the motoring public that although the R8 is an incredibly capable car, it is not a submersible Lotus. Thanks to everyone who sent in the tip.


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