VIDEO: Fiat 500 vs. Audi Q7, guess who wins

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Small, fuel efficient vehicles are all the rage right now, and many SUV owners are willing to do just about anything to get out of their gas guzzling transportation. Problem is, if you do get a new MINI or Yaris, you still have to drive it out into the automotive wilderness. SUVs and big pickup trucks are still omnipresent, and driving a vehicle that barely comes up to the bumper on an F-150 just doesn't look that safe. Automakers will tell you that their new go-karts get five stars in crash tests and that they're as safe as ever, but wouldn't you like to see what would happen if a three-ton SUV hit one of these miniature motor vehicles?

The good news is that there is just such a video that resides on YouTube, and it pits the massive Audi Q7 against the cute and tiny Fiat 500. While we would desperately like the folks at Fiat to send the 500 State-side, watching the video doesn't exactly make us want to drive one ourselves. Hit the jump to see how the Fiat fared, but if you have a strong affinity for crash test dummies, you may want to take a pass on this one.Thanks for the tip, JC!

[Source: YouTube]

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