Port Authority skittish over BMW Hydrogen 7

Note to all you celebs and journos driving around in BMW Hydrogen 7s: be careful where you go in New York and New Jersey. While taking the uber-clean car for a joyride, The New York Times was informed it was not to drive through either the Lincoln or Holland Tunnels or on the lower level of the George Washington Bridge. It seems that the Port Authority of the two states isn't thrilled with the idea of 17.5 pounds of liquid hydrogen moving about its crowded thoroughfares, fearing a disaster of Hindenburg-like proportions. It so happens that our own Alex Núñez also just had the Hydrogen7 recently, and he's provided us with a copy of the relevant bit of paperwork which the Times refers to. You can read about the Hydrogen7's visit to the AutoblogGreen Garage at our sister site on August 1.

BMW Hydrogen 7 PA RestrictionsSeriously though, BMW has done an excellent job of ensuring safety on the Hydrogen 7. There are numerous mechanical and electronic systems designed specifically to be sure that any hydrogen let loose is done so in a controlled manner. We're sure that the last thing the bosses in Munich want on their hands is the negative publicity associated with a mishap involving a celebrity, dignitary.... or innocent bystanders in the New York metropolitan area. (Or me, Jeremy -- AN)

[Source: The New York Times | Photos: Alex Núñez]

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