Tata Nano may be branded a Fiat in overseas markets

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Fiat and Tata already have a joint venture to distribute commercial vehicles. If they can do the big stuff, why not the little stuff? Tata and Fiat are looking at an agreement to sell the Tata Nano outside of India in markets where Fiat has a strong presence.

If the deal goes through, and once the car is upgraded to meet Western standards, Tata can take advantage of the Fiat name, marketing, and dealer network. Fiat would probably have a big seller on its hands -- and a slice of every one -- since the car is still expected to maintain a healthy price advantage even after it gets beefed up.

The Tata, however, is not expected to come to the U.S. as a Fiat. Ratan Tata said, ""We have held talks about the Nano being marketed in markets where Fiat has already a strong presence." Frankly, America isn't one of those places yet. With Tata making such a big splash over here with Jaguar, they probably wouldn't need Fiat to help the brand. Still, the thought of a Fiat 500 and a Nano snuggling in the corner of a dealership would be too cute to miss. Thanks for the tip, Yash!

[Source: Economic Times via The Earth Times]

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