NSX laps 'Ring unofficially at 7:37

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The next generation Acura NSX is still two years away. But the cars with which it will compete are currently moving the goal posts further and further toward the horizon. By the time the NSX arrives, it could need rocket boosters and a hyperdrive. Or maybe it already has them?

The NSX prototype that we recently showed you lapping the 'Ring has recently been clocked unofficially by KGP spy photographers doing a 7:37 lap around the 'Ring in traffic. It's no secret what kind of cars live in that 7:30 bracket. Seeing as how Honda CEO Takeo Fukui wants the NSX to lap the 'Ring faster than the GT-R, we'd be remiss if we didn't mention that Nissan's supercar has done it officially in 7 minutes, 29 seconds.

Remember, though, when the Nissan GT-R was casually timed by trackside reporters, they clocked it doing a 7:38, and well know now what GT-R can really do when pressed by a professional. If the NSX mule and it's rumored 550-hp 5.5L V10 are really that good already, then the car looks in good shape to deliver on Honda CEO Fukui-san's command to beat the GT-R and LF-A.

As a bonus, KGP also managed to snap the interior of the NSX prototype. While not revealing much, we can see its gauges and the paddle shifters for its rumored 8-speed transmission. Also note that these new pics of the NSX prototype were taken while it ran that 7:37 lap.

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[Source: KGP Photography]

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