Spy Shots: Acura NSX prototype lifts wheel at the 'Ring

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The spy shots we showed you earlier of an Acura NSX prototype on the street were taken in Germany near the famed Nurburgring test track. Of course, any prototype driving around the 'Ring will eventually be driving on the 'Ring, and so it was today for Acura's future supercar. KGP photographers snapped the NSX prototype being driven hard around the Green Hell, so much so that the car's left-front wheel catches air at one point during hard cornering. There are many more angles and views of the next NSX in our gallery below that should allow you to see the car's form through its heavy camo paint even better.

[Source: KGP Photography]

KGP Photography:

Here are some new shots of the NSX, doing some hot laps on the 'Ring (along with another set heading back to its facility). The new shots all have their own charms, and each reveals something new, thanks to the different angles and lighting. One particularly intense track shot has the NSX raising its front wheel under hard cornering.

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