Round 1: GT-R vs. 911 Turbo at the 'Ring, advantage GT-R

click above image to see more shots of the Nissan GT-R p0wn the Porsche

We'll start by saying that it's not exactly hearsay, but it's not anywhere near official, either. Take one 997 Porsche Turbo that has lapped the 'Ring in 7:40, practically fast enough to form one of those Stargate SG-1 vortexes behind it. Then take one Nissan GT-R, benchmarked against that Porsche Turbo, and flog that baby around the 'Ring as fast as possible. Add a few reporters on hand with stopwatches. And when the GT-R flies past the finish line, the reporters discover those stopwatches have come to rest after just 7:38.

So the story is that the GT-R is two seconds faster than the 911 Turbo on the Nurburgring. And the Skyline in the photos doesn't even look to be the mad-gunner EVO-spec version. If that's the case -- and yes, that's a big if -- and say you allow for the inaccuracy of handheld stopwatches and add two seconds, so the GT-R did the same time as the Porsche Turbo... Well, we're not crowning a victor, or speculating about the whats and whys, or what will happen when the real timed laps in production versions are done... we're just saying that's pretty good. That's all.

[Source: KGP Photography]

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