Chrysler working with General Electric on hybrid and battery technology

General Electric has been building hybrids for many years. Its Evolution Series of locomotives are some of the most efficient currently on the market, and the giant company has plans for a replacement model using its own batteries soon. Also planned by GE is a move into the large truck market, where diesel hybrids are expected to become increasingly popular in the coming years. With all of this research and development already done for hybrid systems and the growing interest in the technology in the auto realm, Chrysler is looking to tap into some of that knowledge for an upcoming project for a "dual-battery energy storage system."

Though we're not entirely sure what this technology entails, we just reported that GE and Chrysler have gotten a bit of funding from the Department of Energy for further developments of the system. Considering the deep pockets that GE has, Chrysler seems wise to partner up with them, and the auto company already has ties to the energy conglomerate, as current Chrysler CEO Bob Nardelli has served as a GE executive in the past. We anxious to see what "good things" this tie-in can bring to life.

[Sources: Automotive News, DOE]

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