VW brings CNG-powered Caddy EcoFuel to the UK

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At the website in the metal event known as Green-Car-Guide Live! 2008, Volkswagen will be showing off a prototype right hand drive version of the CNG-powered Caddy EcoFuel for the first time. Left-hand versions are already available on the European mainland. No matter where the steering wheel is, the Caddy EcoFuel can burn either compressed natural gas or biomethane in a 2.0l 109 PS petrol engine, which offers lowered emissions and fuel costs. It's still a petrol engine, and does have a petrol reserve tank along with the CNG tank (both under the van) that give a combined range of 350 miles, VW claims. The one-day Green-Car-Guide Live! 2008 show takes place this Thursday (June 12) in Liverpool. Along with speakers on green car topics, other vehicles on display will include a 100 percent biodiesel racing truck, a Honda Civic hybrid rally car, an electric Smart, and electric vans from Smith and Modec.

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[Source: VW]

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