Green-Car-Guide comes alive in Liverpool next week

When the UK's Green-Car-Guide got started in late 2006, the site's stated goal was to "end motorists' confusion about green cars." Well, considering everything that's happened in the last 18 months, I doubt everyone concerns have been fully addressed, but at least there's more information out there to let people figure out what vehicle might be right for them. If you'd like still more information, and you will be near Liverpool next week, you can see some energy-efficient vehicles on display at Green-Car-Guide Live! 2008. Think of it as the website in the metal.
The free (registration required) one-day event will happen at the Arena & Convention Centre in Liverpool on Tuesday, June 12th and is aimed at businesses and those with vehicle fleets. The show will feature a 100 percent biodiesel racing truck, a Honda Civic hybrid rally car, an electric Smart, and electric vans from Smith and Modec, among many others. There will also be seminars on green vehicle topics (sustainable biofuels, anyone?). Makes me wish we could do ABG Live!

[Source: Green Car Guide]

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