Hyundai, Kia to get version of Microsoft's in-car connectivity

While Ford has enjoyed a year of exclusivity with its SYNC-branded version of Microsoft's in-car connectivity technology, the Redmond-based company has been itching to expand the availability of its in-car gadget integration system to other marques. According to the AP, the first post-Ford carmakers to use the platform in the U.S. will be sister companies Hyundai and Kia.
According to the report, the Korean automakers will have the right to offer the technology on its cars in November, but probably won't do so. The AP report quotes Velle Kolde, senior product manager for Microsoft Auto, saying the two companies are busy developing their own custom applications and don't plan to be ready until after that date.

There is no word yet on what the new system will be named, its cost or what vehicles it will be offered on. Currently the only automaker offering Microsoft's system in the U.S. is Ford. Fiat has rights to sell it internationally and calls its version Blue&Me.

UPDATE: Ford reminded us that only its version of Microsoft Auto's technology is called SYNC, so other brands will have to come up with and market their own names for it.

[Source: Associated Press]

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