U.S. Postal Service to celebrate the tailfin starting in October

Click on the 300C to see all five stamps in high-resolution

All the way back in 2004, we wondered out loud why the U.S. Postal Service chose only to showcase cars from the first half of the decade starting in 1950. All of you waiting on pins and needles now have an official date when this offense will be rectified: October 3, 2008. Starting on that day, each of the 37,000 Post Office locations will begin offering five new "50s Fins and Chrome" 42-cent first-class stamps as part of the "America on the Move" series. We've gallerized each of the upcoming stamps for your viewing enjoyment:
These new stamps were unveiled at the auto-mecca that is the Spring Carlisle Collector Car & Swap Meet in Carlisle, PA. The designs were illustrated by Art M. Fitzpatrick using an example of each car which is still currently road-worthy. We think Fitz did a darn good job on these particular stamps, which will make the mundane act of sending letters just a bit more palatable starting in October.

[Source: U.S. Postal Service]

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