Prince Albert II gets his chance in the BMW Hydrogen 7

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A lot of green cars have made their way to the EVER MONACO exhibit: the Th!nk City, the Citroën Berlingo Venturi, the Venturi Astrolab and the Citroën C5 Airdream. You don't think BMW would let a chance like this slip by without trotting out the Hydrogen 7, do you?

They didn't. BMW handed over the keys to a dual-fuel-powered 7 series to Monaco's Prince Albert II (left in the picture above) yesterday, calling the vehicle's use part of the Principality's "Sustainable Environmental Protection" program. The prince said in a statement (pasted after the jump) that he looked forward to "discovering the advantages of the BMW Hydrogen 7 with interest over the coming weeks," and said he was keen on technologies that reduce people's environmental impact. Hopefully, he'll let everyone know just what those advantages are. Does Monaco even have a hydrogen filling station? Green Car Advisor says no, and that the car comes with its own tanker for the prince to use.

Press Relese:


Presentation at the EVER MONACO Environment Exhibition.
Monaco/Munich. Prince Albert II received the keys to a BMW Hydrogen 7 at the opening of the EVER MONACO environment exhibition. The use of the vehicle is part of the "Sustainable Environmental Protection" programme which is one of the cornerstones of policy in the Principality. Prince Albert will be using a vehicle which can be operated practically without emissions in hydrogen mode (only 5 g carbon dioxide in the test cycle). The first hydrogen-powered luxury sedan to have successfully completed the series development process and to have been produced in a series of 100 models is currently being used worldwide by a number of famous personalities. The small BMW Hydrogen 7 series has already covered more than 2 million kilometres in recent months.

"I shall be discovering the advantages of the BMW Hydrogen 7 with interest over the coming weeks. I monitor very carefully, in the automobile sector in particular, the development of new technologies which help to limit negative effects on the environment by influencing human actions", said Prince Albert II.

The development of the BMW Hydrogen 7 is seen as a milestone in the realisation of alternative technologies. By using hydrogen, BMW has already created a sustainable solution today for the individual transport opportunities of tomorrow. Many well-known personalities in the fields of politics, culture and business have already decided to use a BMW Hydrogen 7 - including actors Cameron Diaz and Will Ferell, TV presenter Jay Leno, opera star Placido Domingo, film directors Stephen Gaghan and Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck, world-famous soprano Anna Netrebko, German ministers Wolfgang Tiefensee and Michal Glos and the Vice-President of the EU, Günter Verheugen.

[Source: BMW]

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