Citron Berlingo Venturi in Monaco

French website Leblogauto writers went to the EVER Salon in Monaco and gathered information and pictures from the Citroën Berlingo Venturi, which is one of the two vehicles competing for the French Postal Service (La Poste) contract for suburban delivery EVs.

Although the range isn't that spectacular (60 miles), performance should be enough for postal duties: cargo space and payload remain unchanged from the gas/diesel versions. According to the manufacturers, the vehicle is able to achieve highway speeds effortlessly and can be recharged from a simple power outlet for less than 1 € / 100 km. Being optimistic, the diesel version makes about 7 l/100 km, at 1.30 EUR/l you can do the math. Price range is expected to be between €25,000-35,000.

[Source: Leblogauto]

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