Venturi Astrolab in Monaco

Although introduced in the Paris Motor Show in 2006, the Venturi Astrolab was spotted again at the EVER Salon in Monaco (Green Cars Autoshow). The concept, which showed an interesting tandem lightweight (only 280 kg!) architecture, was designed to provide the maximum surface available to recharge the car's batteries.

The car has a total surface of 3.2 m2 which provide 600 W of energy to charge the NiMH Venturi NIV-7 batteries in five hours. With that, you have 18 km (12 miles) of range. But, if you plug it in, the range jumps to about 110 km (70 mi). The concept allowed the development of a solar roof for the second generation of the Eclectic announced for this year's Auto Show.

[Source: Leblogauto]

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